Oslo was more than great

Oslo - Tjuvholmen
Had a great time in Oslo. Tusen tack Simon!
I'll do a more generous update when I get back from Africa ;)
See you in two weeks.

So long suckers!

I'm ready and I'm off to Oslo Fashion Week!

Hello lover

Oak Alexa Small Shoulder Clutch

In action

This is the weather I got on my holiday. Fortnuatley I've got something to look forward to. Roadtrip to Oslo and sunny Tunisia! Bring it on!

One day to go!

HOLIDAY! Celebrate!

Out of office

One of those great days spent with a best friend. Including lunch, shopping and lots of girls talk. I have to plan a trip to Stockholm soon ;)

you're a criminal as long as you're mine

Beautiful roses from a beautiful man.


I just love these shorts. Everything about them is perfect, fabric, color and the romantic touch they give. They brighten my day!


Work, work and more work. The highlight of my day was Mo stopping by.
By the way, the countdown has begun, less than two week left to holiday!