on request

I'm bringing sexy back.
Just another lovely summer day. Can't wait for friday!

Back to the front

The blouse. Not new in store, but on sale.
It's perfect!

Monday with Mo

First work, then I met Mo for a Frapino and some shopping.
I found a really nice blouse at Zara, I hope I have the time to show
you tomorrow.
Overall a good good day!

Midsummer 2010

What a fab day! Lovely weather and great company. Spent the whole day at
one of my best friends house. Thank you for a great time!

the Fab life

Some of my holiday photos. What's life without a holiday!

The fab mag

My bra is showing, so what?

I've been looking for a black lace body for a while. I finally found one at Zara that fit me well.

Pink macarons for a pink lady

These pink sweet things made an excellent present for Linda, my friend.

Rainy lane

The weekend was busy. Friday of to one of my best friends goodbye party.
Saturday was an importand day in Sweden. Our crown princess finally got her prince. It was a beautiful wedding and they are a beautiful couple! So happy for them.Later that evening I went to a friend's house having a great time watching therest of the wedding day.
Stockholm was blessed with sunny weather the whole day. We didn't have the same luck, as you can see.

They call me Stacey

someday soon

An easy breezy outfit for hot summer days.

Let there be light... no I mean summer!

I think you notice that I'm waiting for summer, just like the rest of you.
It's not quite summer here yet, but that doesn't stop me from taking summer clothes on ... indoors.

day off

Meeting N down town.
Later dinner with work.

Accessory of the past

It is fashionable to wear vintage, term normally used for clothes.
However let us make an exception, to make a significant effort.
Because this accessory is really old.

I always feel like dancing

Shoe mania, that's all I need.
Two pairs of shoes that I've worn during some of the best moments in my life.
Much partying, dancing, and yes, shopping.
I think I need to do an update of how many shoes I own ...

all you need is striped

I was really possesive of this Sonia Rykiel jersey.
Spent thirty minutes by the computer trying to enter the HM online shop.
This was one Saturday morning when all I really wanted was to sleep in.
However, I'm very happy to have it in my collection.

I need inspiration

This is my Turkey.
First two photos Barbaros Bay, Kempinski beach.
Following photos are taken in Turkbuku.
Have a look at www.macakizi.com.
Miss it and all my turkish friends.

Grey's anatomy

Apparently it wasn't just me reacting to Grey's Anatomy yesterday evening.
Omg... my nervs!
What will happen next?
Sheperd won't die.
Will he?

White would be the best therapy for me

My fiend forgot her bolero at my place.
Opportunity to try it on!

Floral asymmetrical chaos

Sometimes an old skirt makes a new dress.

super girl

Super girl with super power.


long time no see.
Lunch, icecream and SATC 2!

It's really not OK

Dotted socks... really not ok.

My moral's got me on my heels

My new babies :)
Well, I believe the whole outfit is fab!

Sunny sunday

What a weekend!
No work and SUN!
Today I'm going hunting for
outdoor furniture.
See you later.

Let's stick together

this could be it

Doesn't this sound to good to be true?
Tell you more tomorrow.

Macaron mania new flavors

This time with Nutella and black currant.


Excited to try my new products by NeoStrata.