Went to Bastard Restaurant earlier this week. Simon, who lives in Oslo, was here for a quick visit. We had a very nice evening, great food. Tested dishes I normally wouldn't ;) Have a look at
Strongly recommendi it.

Faceless scarecrow

And then the rain came. Believe it's time for an outfit post.
It's a romantic look from head to toe. I bought the straw hat last year in Parga, and I believe it completes the loutfit.

Groudha and the city

Monday was a sunny and worm day. Went for lunch down town. On my way there I wanted  to see if my friend Groudha was at work. But no luck, as you can see. Notice my sad face. Well, I continued with some shopping with J and later on coffe and shopping with Mo.

Saturday rules

This is me and my dear friends on Saturday. After work we went for dinner at 
an Indian restaurant at Lilla Torg. The food was good and the company great.
See you soon girls ;)

young, gifted and white

I was in Lund the other day to meet Linda. It's wonderful to be able to meet my best friends, it's not always that simple. We are rarely in the same place at the same time. These last days have been great. Hope to see you soon again girls!

West coast

Yesterday evening my friend Melle and I went to Västra Hamnen.
The weather was perfect, real warm. Lots of people walking, dancing and singing.
It should always be like this!

Friends and the city

Last night, last minute. Had a couple of drinks and good laughs.

After work

Today I went to Västra Hamnen directly after work!
Lovely weather, and I'm off tomorrow. Who could have known!?

Lomma beach

Sunday, another day at the beach! Four weeks left and then it is my turn
to have holiday. Where will I go? Haven't decided yet. Any suggestions?

Fuck you!

This weekend was my off weekend. Friday evening was spent at Cuba Cafe, first time there ever. On Saturday I went for some shopping and lunch with my mom. Later that evening I went to Lund for BBQ with good friends.
A mutual friend from Greece is visiting. We last met one year a go in Parga, you can imagine it was very nice to see him agian.

Don't worry be ugly

Sometimes, a facial is necessary. Today was such a day.

Shoemania in Tranger, Marocco

Shoes, shoes, and shoes. It doesn't matter where in the world you go,
you will always find shoes. These photos are taken in Tranger, Marocco by
Sveta L'nyavskiy. Maybe not my kind of shoes but they sure look beautiful when you see them like this.


It's to hot to wear clothes!
Bikini is my best friend right now.

Holy day

Second time at the beach this year. According to me the weather is perfect!
How could anyone complain? Sun, ice cream and a good book and it's almost like a holiday.

Oops!...I Did It Again

More macarons. I made them yesterday.
Today was work then of to meet Nadja and company for some dinner.
Met Mo as well, just for a minute or two, but anyway!

Beach baby

First day at the beach!!! It was a wonderful feeling to
walk barefoot in the warm sand, and what a joy to smell the sweet flowers!

The red, white and ...

After a weekend working I'm looking forward to spend a day at
the beach. Other days the balcony is my substitute.
The dress is from last year, simple and very comfy.

Eye candy or should I say foot candy

Foto Sveta L'nyavskiy

Summer in the city

In my hometown, Lund.
Yeah, summer is here! Found these silk shorts on sale.
As they are size 40 they make great high waist. My thought was to wear them
with my leather belt, but I couldn't it. Gold belt and gold shoes had to do instead.